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Teflon Cable Cutaway Handle Preparation

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Jump Shack universal cutaway handles are built to a generic length in order to be compatible with all sport containers. Both the long and short cables must be trimmed to the proper length and the ends must be treated in order to seal the Teflon coating over the end of the base wire.

Determining Proper Length: If you have your container’s original cutaway handle, use it to mark the ends of your new red Teflon handle. If you do not have a handle to use as a guide, you must contact the container manufacturer for the proper trim length.

Cutting cable to length: Clip the marked ends with a pair of high quality wire cutters. A clean cut is important for later fire polishing. The ends of the cable core wire must be smooth and may be trimmed on a grinding wheel if necessary.

Sealing the Cable Ends (Fire polishing): Using a butane lighter, expose the ends of your trimmed cable (one at a time) to the top of the blue portion of the flame for approximately ten seconds. Immediately run the cable between your leather-covered thumb and forefinger to smooth the melted coating over the wire end. Repeat this process until the ends are smooth and will not snag when inserted or extracted.

Note: You only want to melt the Teflon coating, not burn it. Exposing the cable end to the flame for too long will cause the coating to become brittle and break. It is not necessary to completely cover the end. If you experience problems or have any questions please contact Jump Shack.

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