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Jump Shack Uses New High Tech Materials

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Beginning in October of 1996, Main Risers manufactured by Jump Shack, for all models, will have 3-Ring Closing loops made of Teflon impregnated Type 2a Nylon. These risers will be available for sale as separate components.

Jump Shack has done some of the most extensive research on the causes of hard cutaway pull forces. Surprisingly, one of the areas of very high resistance is where the yellow PVC cable comes into contact with the 3-Ring “closing loop”. The undue friction or high resistance can be exacerbated by risers being slightly out of spec., by high G forces produced as a result of a spinning malfunction, or by unoiled yellow cable or by no housings. The new Teflon impregnated loops will help toward minimizing difficult cutaways in these, or other situations.

Laboratory testing has demonstrated a 50% reduction in force with both oiled and unoiled cable. We have no results of aged sample testing. Initial indications are that they age as well as, if not better than non-treated Type 2a. Therefore, we have decided to release them because of the large potential improvement in safety.

The release of this product does not mean that oiling is no longer necessary. We continue to require that you clean and oil your yellow cutaway cables weekly.

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