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Jump Shack Introduces the Teflon Cable

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JUMP SHACK customers are receiving a letter along with their new Racers, introducing them to a new and improved product. First conceived in the early ‘70s, the Racer is the result of more than 25 years of incremental improvements which have resulted in the most technically correct system available anywhere.

In keeping with JUMP SHACK’S tradition of using new technology to improve our products, each new system is being delivered with the latest chemical advances. Customers will note that their cutaway cables are not the familiar yellow Lolon-coated aircraft wire, but have, instead, a distinctive red coating. The base aircraft wire in the cable is unchanged, but the coating is a custom Teflon formulation that is being manufactured specifically for this application.

After extensive testing, we have determined that this new cable reduces cutaway actuation forces by an average of 50%. This is an extremely significant reduction in force that should give jumpers even greater confidence in the abilities of their Racer Container System.

The new cable has been dyed red for easy and positive identification of this new product.

The Teflon-based cables have been exhaustively tested prior to being placed into production, but we encourage customers to conduct tests of their own. “We think you’ll be amazed,” says Sales Manager, Joe O’Brien. “If you like what you see, tell your friends–we manufacture release handles which are compatible with virtually any harness/container system.” Additional release handles are available, in your choice of colors, for $30 each.

Please direct inquires and comments to: Joe O’Brien, Sales Manager-(904)734-5867

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