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New Line Stow System

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Once again leading the way, JUMP SHACK has introduced a “No Line Strip” Line Stow System. JUMP SHACK customers who have recently received new Racers are finding a slightly different looking main deployment bag.

Two new strips of three-quarter inch Type 3 tape that are traditionally used to construct the rubber band retainer loops have been added to the bottom flap. They are located one quarter of the way in from the edge of the bag. The new location prompts the jumper/packer to make properly sized line stows that align with the edge of the bag but do not wrap around the outside corners. This redistribution of the line stows balances the mass of the bights with the mass of the lines between the bights. Because the masses are balanced, line strip is far less likely to occur. The additional benefit is that the deployment bag, with its canopy and lines, fits more precisely and easily into the container. The lines have been strategically placed so that no extra force is exerted on the critical locking stows during line deployment.

JUMP SHACK has been field testing the new stowage location on Racer Main Deployment Bags for some 4 years. The company has successfully utilized the new line stowage location on its Racer Elite Tandem for two years.

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