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Jump Shack Announces Maintenance Free 3-Ring Release

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The Jump Shack announced today that its current production 3-Ring Riser release releasing sub-system is Maintenance Free. This upgrade now makes the Racer Harness and Container Systems the only Maintenance Free systems in the world.

Other harness and container systems require a monthly or weekly lubrication and cleaning of the 3-Ring’s yellow cutaway cable. This maintenance is required of the owner/user because the lubrication cycle of 7 to 30 days is less than the required governmentally mandated inspection cycle of 120 days which is performed by a licensed rigger. The reference, by other manufacturers, to the yellow cable being “Teflon impregnated” is pure hype. The yellow coating on cables used by all other manufacturers is Lolon, a PVC based plastic from Loos and Company and has no Teflon in it. For this reason it must be lubricated.

The new package incorporates two exciting new changes exclusive to the Jump Shack Racer. The first is the incorporation of a red Teflon coated cutaway cable that has now been in the field for over a year. Although we experienced some growing pains in the application of the Teflon coating, the project has lived up to its expectations and can now be declared successful. Cables with this red Teflon coating require no monthly lubrication or cleaning. However, this is not to say that the rigger, during the 120 day inspection, should not inspect and clean the cable, but it need not be lubricated.

The second part of this improvement is the January 1998 incorporation of a non-compressible release cable housing on all Racer products. This is perhaps the most exciting part of this upgrade. By virtue of being non-compressible, the radii of the housing does not decrease at a high loading. Additionally, the housing does its job of “pushing” against the loop immediately when force is applied. There is no compression at all. Standard housings used on other rigs compress from 10 to 12 percent. “Soft housing” compress infinitely and pinch the cable as it does so. As we all know “soft housings” should be replaced with metal housings. non-compressible metal housings are recognized as the correct and most desirable for these applications.

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