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Snap Toggles $20

This is a non-velcro toggle which is held in place by a snap which prevents the inertial release of other non-velcro toggles. Reducing lost deployment brake malfunctions. Requires risers made for Snap toffles.

Risers $75

Be certain that you can cut away! The most precisely made risers in the Parachute Industry. Dynamically tested. Features Teflon impregnated loops for easier cable movement. Guaranteed releasable between 6 – 8 G’s up to 200lb.

Type 17 or type 8. Dive Loops standard on Type 17. Specify RSL rings.Type 17 Risers With Stainless Steel Rings $97

Simply the Best!Classic Accuracy Risers $85

Type 8 or Type 17. Mini Ring is standard. Specify deployment brake system. Hard Toggles $15.00

Toggles $15.00

Yellow or Red. Custom color $20.00.

We now feature a Velcroless toggle which doesn’t spit out the deployment brake.Collapsible Pilotchute (Kill-Line Type) $90

Pull-Out or Throw-out. White, F-111.

Add: $25 for Hackey, $15 for Zero-P, $5 for Custom Color

Racer Reserve Pilotchute $70

Standard or SRP. Replacement for any MA-1. Highest Drag of any Reserve Pilotchute. NASA Tested.Square Reserve Deployment Bag $65

Specify Standard, Narrow, Square Back, Thinline, Power Racer, MG, Tandem. Also specify SRP or Standard Pin Spacing.Cutaway Handles $30

Teflon cables. The only Real Teflon coated cables in the World. Maintenance free. Same steel core wire as the Yellow (PVC) cables. Available in custom lengths for all rigs. Cypres From $1300 to $1650

Specify 1-Pin or 2-Pin, Expert, Student or Tandem. Batteries, Parts, Service.

Let us know that you read about our Fast Delivery Parts Service on our Web-site to receive priority service! Prices do not reflect shipping charges.

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