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Racers and Tuck Tabs

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Tuck Tabs

In recent years the “Tuck Tab” has become a popular method to secure flaps which must open upon demand.

The “Tuck Tab” is made of a piece of fabric covered stiffener, usually nylonMD sheet about 2 inches by 1 inch at .06 thick. This device has one end secured to the edge of the flap to be held closed and tucks under the edge of the flap to which we are closing.

We use this technology on all of our rigs at the midflap location. We did this after two years of field trials. During this time we tested and experimented with other locations. The most significant being the main riser covers as they go over the shoulder. We found tabs in this location to be unreliable. They either came open accidentally or did not open when they were supposed to.

We found the best way to keep this flap secure was contour shaping. By doing this we found that not even Velcro was required when wearing the rig. We do use Velcro on the rig but it is only to hold the riser cover closed during transport and handling. We also found that with contour shaping the tuck tabs would indeed on occasion hang up and were therefor unacceptable. A tuck tab hang up could lead to uneven line deployment, which is the single biggest cause of malfunction.

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