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Pin Spacing Change on SRP Reserves

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Effective this date, September 1, 1999, the Jump Shack has changed the pin spacing on the SRP (Small Reserve Pilotchute) equipped Racers from 2 inches to 4 inches. This change makes the ripcord pins easier to insert and reduces the overall number of ripcord that must be stocked.

This change requires the Free Bag to be changed accordingly. Therefore, we will be providing Free Bags for the 11″ Wide (formally the “Thinline”) and the 12″ wide (formerly the “Square Back”) which can be used for either the SRP or the large top pilotchute with 3 grommets in the top surface.

It is apparent while packing the reserve which 2 of these grommets to use. Simply select the grommets that most closely match the reserve side flaps. Always begin the alignment by matching the grommet closest to the wearers’ neck.

Additionally, this change eliminates the line stow pocket on the 9″ Wide (“Power Racer”) containers. This pocket has been eliminated for some years on the Military rigs and the Tandem rigs and some specialty rigs. This pocket will be phased out completely in favor of rubber band stows in the future.

The Jump Shack testing has revealed that rubberband stows, properly located, are more reliable than the stow pocket and the “Safety Stow” locking stow method. All Free Bags produced for the past 5 years have had the ability to use rubber band locking stows in place of the “Safety Stow” and is now recommend across the board.

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