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Velcro is obsolete, right?

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Velcro is obsolete, right?


High cycle/Low tenacity Velcro has an average life span of  700 jumps vs. 300 jumps for tuck tabs used in the same application. Not only does Velcro outlast the average tuck tab – it’s easier and less expensive to replace. Most importantly, Velcro opens when it’s supposed to, and will not hinder square reserve bag extraction as some tuck tab designs do. Riser cover tabs and stiffeners can snag lines, cause uneven riser deployment and spin deployment bags resulting frequently in line twists and malfunctions. Recent field reports indicate that Riser Cover Tuck Tabs are a major cause of eliptical canopys spinning up on opening requiring a cutaway.

Tuck tabs are acceptable in certain applications – but inappropriate in many others. Change for the sake of marketing purposes is unwise to say the least, when it affects the integrity and functionality of life saving equipment.

Re-examine the New Velcro – it works.

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