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New Tandem Main

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As of Spring 2003, Jump Shack is proud to introduce a new fully elliptical tandem main canopy. The Tandem FireBolt is 396 sq. ft. of pure joy to fly! It features John Sherman’s signature “Shark’s Tooth” leading edge construction which softens openings, and smoothes the entry section resulting in greater speed and overall better flight characteristics. The Tandem FireBolt opens consistently on heading – unusual for an elliptical plan form canopy, but not for Jump Shack canopies, which are designed in a virtual 3-D environment using an advanced CAD system. Reduced opening shock loads allow the canopy to be built with Spectra lines. That, and new construction techniques have consequently reduced pack volume considerably. It will be the least bulky canopy of its size. The Tandem FireBolt features dual steering lines with separate turn and flare toggles. The turns are outrageous – fast and fun! The Tandem FireBolt will carve like a sport canopy when only the turn toggles are used. The flare is very responsive and toggle pressure low. Over one year of developing and testing has resulted in a high reliability, long lasting product that is sure to please drop zone owners and tandem instructors alike.

Since the initial introduction of the 396 the Jump shack has added 2 additional sizes of Tandem Canopies. They are the 298 Square foot FireBolt and the 350 FireBolt. Selection of the proper canopy for your application would be based upon you DZ altitude and the performance requirement of your Tandem Masters. The 298 has been used to carry as munch as 450 pounds in Hawaii. We feel that a 1.5 to 1 load ratio is probably as high as any tandem operation needs to go however, we have loaded the smaller solo versions of this same canopy to 2.4 to 1.

To compliment the addition of these 3 new tandem canopies the Jump Shack has introduced it’s Mark II Tandem Drogue. This new drogue is “quiet” in drogue fall and retains it’s light weight and simplicity.

Jump Shack has also improved the comfort of the Racer Tandem’s already popular tandem passenger harness. It features a new hip strap, which does a great job keeping the hip junction low and forward on the passenger. Keeping the lower portion of the harness properly adjusted throughout the jump is key to passenger comfort. The passenger is able to sit rather than hang under canopy, with little or no pressure pulling back on the on the shoulders.

The Racer Tandem Container also sports Jump Shack’s new Tuck Pocket Riser Cover design.

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