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Setting Brake Line Stowage on a FileBolt

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The FireBolt’s unique split braking system dramatically pulls down only the wingtips, allowing the center of the canopy to inflate first. This results in smooth, straight openings that you’ll be happy with for many jumps to come!

Only one of the twin steering lines has a cat’s eye loop, and it is that one which is stowed, the other line is left at full extension and above the retaining ring.

Step 1:

Ensure that the twin steering lines are not twisted between the canopy and the toggle. Then pull down the line that has the brake eye in it, so that the eye is below the retaining ring. You can mark that line with a pen or magic marker to locate it more quickly.

Step 2:

Insert the toggle through the cat’s eye, and pull the un-braked line back up so that it is above the retaining ring.

Step 3:

If your risers are equipped with the “LOFO” (loop on front of riser) option, take the excess line and pass it through the loop and bring it back around to the toggle.

If you do not have this option, and you have metal links, you can pass the excess through the riser opening, but DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE USING SLINKS.

Step 4:

Loop the excess steering line over the nose of the toggle, as shown, and insert the toggle in to the keeper.

Step 5:

Ensure that any slack line is pulled above the retaining ring and towards the canopy.

Step 6:

Snap the toggle into place and secure the loose end.

Remember, only one of the steering lines gets stowed.

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