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Main Lift Web Safety Notice

Published by PLI on

Subject: Re-designation of use.

Models Affected: All models of SST/Racers, Racer Elites & Racer Trainers
equipped with a single strand adjustable main lift web.

Background: The above listed equipment has not been manufactured for over 8 years. It was superceded with a double strand pulley system for adjustment of the main lift web.

Recent developments and increased understanding with the deployment anomalies generated by malfunctioning Ram-Air parachutes indicate that the left/right distribution of loads may exceed the strength capacity of the original design. These anomalies could cause failure of the main lift web.

This has not happened on Jump Shack equipment but we believe that theoretically it could happen and that all single strand adjustable Main lift webs are vulnerable.

Action: The above identified equipment must be re-designated as and use
restricted to ROUND PARACHUTES ONLY. This is mandatory.

Compliance Date: Immediately.


John B. Sherman
Engineering Manager
Parachute Labs. Inc.
1665 Lexington Ave. # 106
Deland, Fl. 32724


  1. All owners affected by this Safety Notice.
  2. All Jump Shack Dealers.
  3. Parachute Industry Association
  4. All Parachuting Publications.
  5. All National Aero Clubs, Parachuting Section.
  6. All Military Parachute Organizations.
  7. Jump Shack Web Site
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