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Military Parachutes

Jump with confidence.

The Racer Tactical Tandem (RTT) with Military FireBolt shown in Tandem and Solo configuration.

FireBolt Tactical Tandem

The Tactical Tandem FireBolt has forgiving flight characteristics and is safe to land using ‘steady’ as well as ‘dynamic’ flares. This canopy is perfect for low experience jumpers in the training phase as well as combat jumps at the extreme envelopes of performance.

  • Operational altitude of 30,000 ft MSL or higher
  • Deployment Speed – 0 to 150 knots indicated air speed or higher
  • The canopy offers soft and safe landings while carrying combat loads at DZ’s with altitude up to 12,000 ft.
  • Toggle extensions can be proided to enable long canopy flights for HAHO operations as well as to provide canopy control experience for a tandem passenger.
  • The FireBolt 9-cell elliptial sport canopy was perfected on a small (affordable) scale prior to developing the Tandem and Tactical versions, thus we have hundreds of thousands of jumps on this design.
  • The FireBolt is the only truly scaled canopy in the world. The flight characteristics are the same from 97 square feet on up to 400 square feet as long as the wing loading is the same.

Cells: 9
Aspect Ratio: 2.69:1
Lift to Drag Ratio: 5.01 +/- (all L/D numbers depend on wing loading)
Canopy Material: Hybrid (0-3 cfm Silktique & ZP Ultrasil) or Full ZP Ultrasil
Line Type: Spectra 1000/1500

FireBolt Tactical Tandem Sizing Chart