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Rigging Courses

We offer two formal courses per year at DeLand, Florida location. The next course is June 14 – 22, 2019. The next
course after that will be in October, 2019. Firms dates TBD.

Instructors – Nancy LaRiviere, Marcelo Garcia, Suzie Basse, Rob Banks, Jerry Coleman, Shaun Smith
Rags Raghanti ~ Plus Guest Speakers

Course Overview

Theory Lecture Titles

  1. Safety
  2. Sewing Machine Adjustment, Maintenance, and Tuning
  3. Basic Sewing Techniques
  4. Material Identification
  5. Inspection
  6. Reserve Packing Technique
  7. Grommet Setting, Removal, Repair
  8. Structural & Functional Compatibility
  9. Knots
  10. FAR’s

Theory Lecture Content

Safety: brief on use of tools and of the potential for injury during the process, we can discuss and expand on what safety parameters we must have. Items such as hot knives, sharp blades, seam rippers, sewing machines can all pose the potential for injury.

Sewing Machine Adjustment, Maintenance and Tuning: a section on the operation of the machine and what can go wrong and how to fix it is a good idea before the student actually gets behind the machine.

Basic Sewing Techniques: Three or four projects will be assigned to each student, such as:

  • basic patch
  • slider kill line channel replacement
  • grommet hole repair
  • main riser toggle keeper replacement
  • BOC replacement

Material Identification: be able to identify common webbing, materials, and hardware.

Inspection: The purpose of the 180 day repack cycle is inspection. Developing a methodology; use of checklists; common wear points.

Reserve Packing Technique:Demonstrations, guidance, use of tools, manuals.

Grommet Setting, Removal Repair: basic removal and replacement of grommets and stiffeners

Structural & Functional Compatibility: Determining compatibility between approved components, understanding FAA Advisory Circular 105-2c, the importance of bag extraction forces vs. effective pilot chute size and drag.

Knots: Learn basic knots used in paracute rigging: Larks head, Bowline, Surgeons, Clove Hitch, Half Hitch, etc.

FAR’s: Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 65 governing parachute riggers and Part 105 governing parachute jumping; you’ll see questions pertaining to this on the written exam and the oral exam.


  • Eight to ten course attendees
  • Students are encouraged to show up for the course with the following items completed:
  • Have completed some reserve pack jobs under the guidance and supervision of an FAA licensed rigger. (bring logbook showing supervised and signed pack jobs).
  • Have read and be familiar with either The Parachute Manual by Dan Poynter and/or
  • The Parachute Riggers Handbook (FAA H-8083-17).


  • Have completed 20 pack jobs of at least one Type.
  • Be prepared to take the Practical Rigger Exam.
  • Be prepared to take the FAA Written Exam.
  • Leave more enlightened than when you came.


Course cost: $1400
Deposit due 30 days prior to the course: $300
FAA Practical Test following the course: $200. Only one or two students per day can be tested. You may need to stay on for additional days to get your test done. This is why it’s advisable to come to us with 10 pack jobs completed. The first candidates who qualify will test early, maybe even before the formal course has finished. Those folks will then rejoin the class to continue learning.

We will help you make an appointment for your written FAA Exam at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach (just 18 miles drive). The cost to be paid to ERAU is $130.

Recommended books:

Poynter’s Parachute Manual Vol. 1 (These have gone out of print but can still be bought on Amazon)

Poynter’s Parachute Manual Vol. 2 (These have gone out of print but can still be bought on Amazon)
The Parachute Rigger Handbook    ($20 – $50 on Amazon or download from for FREE)

We may be able to help you locate these books.

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