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Racer 2K3

Features that make Racer the most reliable skydiving rig on the market:

  • Proven Design
  • Freefly Friendly
  • Zero Bridle Exposure
  • Secure Main Flap
  • Maintenance Free Teflon Cutaway Cables
  • Snap Toggles

Proven Design

The Racer has been in the field for 40 years with no major recalls. With over 43,000 rigs built, today’s Racer is a product of a deliberate and careful evolution. We’ve introduced more safety innovations than any other parachute company. You can’t go wrong with a Parachute Labs Racer on your back.

Freefly Friendly

The Racer 2K3 has magnetically closed riser covers and full riser and bridle protection, so it is totally Freefly Friendly.

Zero Bridle Exposure

Secure Main Flap

The main flap closing sequence of the 2K3 is: bottom, top, (either) side, side. Tabs on pin protector flap tuck under the side and top flaps.

Maintenence Free Teflon Cutaway Cables

In 1997, Parachute Labs introduced the first Teflon coated cutaway cables. These were just like the familiar yellow Lolon-coated aircraft cables, but had a distinctive red coating. The aircraft cable inside was the same, but the coating was a custom Teflon formulation specifically made for this application. After extensive testing, these Teflon cables were found to reduce cutaway actuation forces by an average of 50%. This is a significant reduction. In 2010, a new formulation of this Teflon cable was developed, and the cables are now orange in color. Another advantage of the Teflon cables is that they are maintenance free. Did you know that you have to oil your yellow Lolon-coated cables every month? You do, and you should! This is not required on a Racer.

Snap Toggles

Prevents loss of deployment brake(s) during opening!