Parachute Systems Built To The Worlds Highest Safety Standards

Parachute Labs is marking its 54th year of design and innovation of harness/container systems 
and parachutes with new and improved versions of the Classic Racer and the Racer 2K3. A 1-Pin version, magnetic riser covers, 
refined patterns, expansion of available container sizes, Teflon cutaway cables, the proven safety advantage of the SpeedBag that prevents line strip
– all of these things and more make Racer the most customized container available and the safest container to jump!

Since the introduction of our game-changing FireBolt – the first true elliptical canopy, this line has grown to 15 perfectly scaled sizes. The FireBolt has
earned the reputation of being the most versatile and Best All Around canopy for every experience level. The Parachute Labs Team has worked to perfect
production methods and it shows in the current generation of FireBolt 9-Cell Ellipticals. Now built with ultra-light, super strong ULTRASIL. Forget everything
you thought you knew about elliptical canopies. Demo the NEW FireBolt today!

Our AngelFire Reserve comes in 11 sizes. The AngelFire is built stronger to withstand potentially higher opening shocks generated by particular attenuation
devices and faster freefall speeds attained by some skydivers. Inserted Rib Construction with load dissipating integrated line attachment tabs make AngelFire
the reserve you can most count on.

At Parachute Labs we have been relentless at making improvements throughout the organization that enable us - as a conscientious, skydiver-led company - to
design, build and deliver parachutes with unprecedented efficiency, safety and quality. We continually strive to educate the skydiving public for their
increased safety and to inspire both longtime and new jumpers to experience our brand.

Current delivery times are between 6 - 8 weeks. AngelFire Reserves and Shadow Racers in commonly requested sizes are in stock. Call us today!

Since 1969 Parachute Laboratories, Inc. has been designing, testing and manufacturing personnel parachute systems for sport, military, student and tandem use. PLI is an engineering driven company of uncompromising integrity that has maintained the best safety record of any parachute company in the world.

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Military Tandem and Solo Reserve Parachutes
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