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Here you will find a collection of informative articles published over the years that are applicable to current equipment and skydiving related issues. Scroll down to find the article that you need. There is no index with links setup as of yet.   

 SpeedBag Ground Test                                                                                                                                                 4/06/2017
Hard Openings

Why 18 pounds should be the maximum reserve free bag extraction force.12/6/2012
Pull Time11/4/2012
Do MARD Components require Certification (TSO)?12/6/2011
Dynamic Pressure by Speed & Altitude11/23/2011
A Case for Compatibility with Functional Integrity6/23/2011
The Next Step for AAD Cutters3/25/2011
Does Your Gliding Parachute Really Glide3/16/2011
Reserve Bag Extraction Forces8/17/2010
A Case for Compatibility with Structural Integrity3/24/2010
The Use of Handcam3/24/2009
The use of Soft Links on reserve parachutes in Racer Harness/Container Systems1/19/2009
Tandem Brake Stow Illustration12/5/2007
Reserve Speedbag12/21/2006
Main Lift Web Safety Notice1/20/2005
FireBolt Slider Stop Upgrade10/11/2004
Setting Brake Line Stowage on a FireBolt9/1/2004
Rubber Bands Break for a Reason6/15/2004
New Tandem Main2/10/2004
What to do in Turbulence#1/23/2004
Plan Form Primer1/15/2004
Stitchless finger Trap7/24/2003
Speed Bag5/23/2003
Free Fall Speed Calculator10/13/1999
Pin Spacing Change on SRP Reserves9/1/1999
Canopy Volume Chart
Cypres closing Loop diagram3/9/1999
Saltwater contamination of Nylon: consequences and redemptive procedures.12/29/1998
The Shadow Racer10/7/1998
Rosov/Racer Wins X-Games6/24/1998
Jump Shack Announces Maintenance Free 3-Ring Release5/6/1998
Relationship of your bag, canopy and container5/5/1998
Jump Shack Develops Computerized Container4/10/1998
Red Teflon Cutaway Cable Inspection Notification2/23/1998
Ripcord Pins, Do you know the difference?2/5/1998
The 3-Ring System - Retain and Release Sub-System2/5/1998
Parachute Labs. 3-Ring Inspection Instructions2/5/1998
Racer Main/Reserve Compatability Chart10/2/1997
Cause Of Type 17 Riser Failures Identified9/17/1997
New Line Stow System9/2/1997
Jump Shack Introduces the Teflon Cable6/2/1997
Analysis of a Riser3/10/1997
Should Harnesses Be "Fail Safe"3/7/1997
Type 17 Riser Study3/7/1997
Dealing with 2 Squares Out and Double Sided RSL10/8/1996
What You Should Know About Reserve Static Lines (RSLs)10/8/1996
The Racer RSL System10/8/1996
How To Select The Right Canopy For You10/8/1996
The 3 Ring: What It Is, And How It Works10/8/1996
How To Select A Parachute Harness/Container System4/22/1996
Racer FAQ
Teflon Cable Cutaway Handle Preparation