It’s PULL Time

 18 Pounds. That’s what the Racer Reserve Pilot Chute is already dragging just 1 second from launch after a cutaway.

 .84. That’s the coefficient of drag of the Racer Reserve Pilot Chute.

 18 Pounds. That’s the maximum reserve bag extraction force allowable, using the heaviest reserve in a tightly packed container.

Your reserve bag extraction force can and should be measured by your rigger when he or she opens the container for Inspection & Repack every 180 days.
The drag capability of your pilot chute (measured in pounds), must be greater than the amount of force it takes to pull the bag out of the container. This critical
metric is something that PLI has been aware of for more than 40 years, and we have always maintained this design precept.

In tests conducted in the NASA Ames wind tunnel, the Racer Pilot Chute generated more drag than all its competitors, and it reached effective drag force sooner.
Effective square footage: 5.9.

The Racer is proof that you can build a harness/container system that is secure in all body positions, at all speeds without having to compromise reserve bag extractibility. 

 What this means to you is, that when you need a reserve out in a hurry, the Racer is your best bet. No other rig comes close to the speed and reliability of the Racer. What’s more – No matter how fast or slow you are going,

the Racer delivers your reserve in 2 seconds with or without RSL or complicated MARD, which may not work in all circumstances.

 Racer... Because it Works!

See The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Q4KArjdfBEA