FireBolt Reviews

The FireBolt is borne of advanced engineering technology, proven and reliable, and really can't be compared directly to any other canopy. When lightly loaded (.5 or .6 pounds per sq. ft.), it can be a beginner canopy. When heavily loaded (2.3 pounds per sq. ft. to 1.7 pounds per sq. ft.) it is a high performance canopy, that will please the most aggressive canopy pilot. canopy. When loaded from .85 pounds per square foot to 1.6 or so, it is a great all-around canopy, capable of slow flight with lots of stability and great toggling range. Yes, it's really that versatile! Here's what people are saying:

"I like it. Going to buy one! Used the 182 & weigh 245# exit [weight]. Want the next size bigger!"
Matagorda, TX

"Made 20 jumps on this [demo] canopy, 2 world records... Excellent; Love the toggles and the unique brake stowing."
Arcadia, California

"Loved it. [Flaring and Landing was] Like night and day compared to my Spectre."

"Easier packing than others. Soft, on-heading openings. Got me back from a long spot easily... Yes, I would recommend the FireBolt to others!"

"I love my Firebolt, can I have one that is 80-85 sq. ft please?"
Guy Wright
Team Elite

"I regularly jump a Pilot 150 - the FireBolt outflies the Pilot any day of the week; very responsive; the stalls were very clean, flares great - but I am not telling you anything new." 
Manni Dwyer

"I've already made my decision on which canopy I'm getting....It's going to be a FireBolt. I just can't get over how much I could do with it.
I hope that funds and time will allow me to place my order quickly, before the word gets out on this canopy and you are swamped with orders."
Adam Endsley

"I purchased the David Hershey Boogie certificate that your company so graciously donated to the cause. After much thought, I redeemed it for the Firebolt 200. I can say without any reservation that this is the smoothest opening canopy that I've ever jumped. I have 10 jumps on it now and I am still looking overhead to see it deploy. Smooth, Smooth, Smooth. Period. There is no opening shock. No snivel. Just a marvelous opening. I am 6'6" and 275 pounds. So it's loaded at 1.5. I've recommended this canopy to all of my Anvil Brothers. These are big guys. Do you know of any wingsuit flyers using this canopy? Looking at another one."
Mad Max

"What can I possibly say about the "FireBolt" that has not already been said. SMOOOOTH openings followed by exceptional glide back from a long spot! When put into a steep 180 degree hook, it's like a ground hungry Eagle and pops out "on cue" for a great swoop! I only wish I had taken the 92 sq ft canopy instead :)
Thanks so much!"
Doug CSPA C453 Rigger 

  The FireBolt Tandem Canopy

"Finally got to jump the FireBolt 298 last Sunday after being winded out the previous two days.My passenger weighed approx. 160 lbs. With my weight & gear I'm estimating total weight at around 350 lbs. Drogue fall was smooth as before. From drogue release to full canopy took approx. 2-3 seconds and was very soft and on heading. After adjusting the passenger harness I reached up and pulled the drawstrings on the collapsible slider!! What a difference this makes. I have over 1000 jumps on an Icarus 330 and I know what a difference it makes on this canopy. Forgot to try stalls as I was experimenting with flying the canopy with the yellow (steering) and red (flare) toggles. Toggle pressure was acceptable using the red, and of course very light on the yellow. Toggle response was good in comparison to the Icarus 330. Landing flare was excellent. I executed a 180-degree turn into a 5-7 mph wind, nice swoop, with nice stand-up landing after about 2-3 steps.......... SWEET !!

For a reasonably good tandem canopy pilot, this just adds another dimension.  What a nice parachute. After only two jumps I'm very impressed, and it packs easy too; not much more you could ask for. J.C. Perrin was the videographer on the jump and he was very impressed. …I showed him and some of the staff the trick with the no bar tack line attachment and they were wowed. I also let them try on a 38 lb tandem rig!! Raised a lot of eyebrows….I told the DZO, and he's interested. If the 350 opens and handles anywhere near the ( and I don't see why not) it could replace or compete with what's out there now. I've also managed to jump the FireBolt 84 four more times and it has performed very well.  I am really impressed with the 298 and hopefully I'll get a chance to jump it more.

This jump was done yesterday 12/21. Winds were 2-15 mph, passenger weighed approx 205 lbs. It was the second jump of the day in the new passenger harness with no complaints. Once again drogue fall was excellent; opening was as soft as before and on heading. Landing pattern was mild 180 downwind to final and a stand-up landing with a few steps. I would like to try a braked straight in approach with a loaded canopy the next chance I get. I'm willing to bet it would be fine. I'm always amazed at how much lift there is at the end. This is the finest tandem canopy I've ever jumped.
Blue Skies"
Cliff Alfiche
6000+ Tandem Jumps